This is a thesis project completed in Advanced Graphic Design during my final semester at EMU. The concept came from an interest in the widespread presence of digital screens, specifically smart phones, and how they are becoming as common as print. With this in mind it, was clear the piece required a synthesis of these two materials. Thesis statement: The permeation of screen based technology into our lives has become equal to print. As a result, we have 24 hour access to digital media. I intend to communicate the effects this has on our emotional relationships through imagery that combines digital screens with print.

The first step, which was the most experimental and stimulating, was screen printing half tone patterns onto the phone screens. The phones were then loaded with videos of moving half tone patterns that played underneath the screen prints, thus creating mesmerizing moire effects. The phones were then placed into images of intimate scenes between two people. This imagery and integration of materials makes a statement on the commonality of digital screens and their affect on our relationships.