what would gutenberg think?

This is a personal piece that was created while pondering the convenience of modern technology and how it has allowed us to take visual language for granted. There was a time when mass communication took hard work and copious amounts of preparation. This piece displays Twitter feeds in the style of the Gutenberg Bible, the first book to be printed after the invention of the printing press. The juxtaposition of modern language with an outdated presentation forces us to contemplate technology’s role in the democratization, application, and possible demoralization of visual language.

It was important that the creation of this piece supported the concept. Because printing language with Gutenberg’s invention required concentrated groundwork, I used the most labor intensive means of printing available to me: screen printing. After researching numerous examples of the Gutenberg Bible, 12” x 17.5” paper was chosen to match the proper dimensions. In line with 15th century methods, the decorative illustrations were hand painted after printing of the typography was completed.