Across America Part 2

Across America Part 1 consisted of photos taken only in California, the state in which we spent most of our time. In this section we start in Joshua Tree National Park and make our way to Tennessee, which is where this photographic journal ends. It's not that I don't have love for Kentucky and Indiana, it's simply that most of this time was spent on the freeway, as we were approaching our deadline to get home.

Rock formation in Joshua Tree National Park.
Joshua Tree landscape.
Sunrise in Joshua Tree.
Somewhere around the border of California and Arizona.
This might have been the quickest Grand Canyon trip in history. We got out of the car, snapped about 3 or 4 photos, and got back in the car.
Grand Canyon approaching sunset.
Had the pleasure of meeting Tom Morey, inventor of the Boogie Board, in Sedona, Arizona.
Soldier's Pass Trail in Sedona, Arizona. The rest of the Arizona photos are Ansel Adams style.
Mike on Soldier's Pass Trail.
This photo accurately depicts the heat exhaustion we were feeling by this point.
First experience encountering a cactus close up.
We camped here in Catalina State Park. We also Met a Coyote on our way out!
Dave at Tent Rocks in New Mexico.
Me looking a little disheveled during a New Mexican sunrise.
Riding through Albuquerque with our wonderful friend Rita in the bed of a pickup truck was a highlight of the trip.
An ode to Werner.
Dave reflecting on life in Hot Springs, Arkansas.
We met an awesome woman named Jen in Hot Springs.
Saying goodbye to Jen before hitting the road.
STennessee won for best sunset of the trip.Tennessee won for best sunset of the trip.

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