Surfing 101

Recently I was in California with my friend Andy Pichard, spending our time surfing and camping in San Clemente, and opting for no tent in the process. When you sleep fully exposed next to the ocean, things get wet. There is a lot of moisture in the air and during the night with no sun to dry it up, it settles on surfaces such as your blankets and pillows. However, we still had a great time surfing and discussing consciousness. I also made some revolutionary steps forward in my surfing. I love this area of the country and am looking forward to camping in Joshua Tree National Park in February.

Andy waxes a surfboard.
A mother gives her baby a bath on the beach.
Our campsite in San Clemente.
Making coffee in the morning.
After a solid day of surfing.
Making breakfast.
Breakfast is served.
San Onofre.
Wagons are perfect.
Creeping on some surfers.
Oranges, beer cans, and long boards.
Andy building rock statues.
One of the few photographs from the WOCA toy camera that came out ok.
Eating Japanese peanuts on the beach.
Heading out.
The day comes to a close.
Not happy I'm leaving.
Albuquerque on the way home.
Wind turbines somewhere in Texas.

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