us36 brand identity

Eastern Michigan University’s Undergraduate Symposium is a curated exhibition of student projects across all academic disciplines. Myself and another student from the College of Art and Design were hired to produce a brand identity for the symposium. My contribution included a 6”x9” 180 page booklet, 11”x17” posters, 5” x 7” postcard, 4”x5” table tent, and a t-shirt. My partner created digital content such as the website.

We set out to create a brand that evoked EMU but was also autonomous. Many symposium brands in the past looked too different from EMU, rendering a correlation between the two difficult. Utilizing my interest in photography, I created abstract forms from long exposure photographs of light. These forms could then be subjectively interpreted in conjunction with a student’s area of study; A geography student may see a topographical map, or an art student may see paint. Per the suggestion of my partner, EMU colors were added to the shapes creating a connection to the university. I have included a link to my process of creating the abstract shapes below.